BobCAD-CAM Releases BobCAM V7 for SolidWorks
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BobCAD-CAM Releases BobCAM V7 for SolidWorks

February 13, 2019 -- Clearwater, FL — ( — BobCAD-CAM, Inc., the world leader in powerful & affordable CAD-CAM software, announces the release of their new SolidWorks CAM plug-in, BobCAM V7 for SolidWorks. BobCAM V7 for SolidWorks made its debut at SolidWorks World 2019 in Dallas, Texas and will be on sale to the public today, February 13, 2019.

“We are very excited to present a ton of enhancements to the BobCAM for SolidWorks product line. Users now have the ability to work in both Part and Assembly mode now in the new V7. This really gives users all the options to harness the power of SolidWorks to be used in toolpathing processes. Every user, no matter which product they use, is going to see all the benefits of the V7 product versus previous versions,” says Greg Myers of BobCAD-CAM’s developmental team.

The new V7 has been optimized to deliver a simplistic, yet powerful workflow that delivers better part finishes in less time. Listed below are the top 10 features from the new BobCAM V7 for SolidWorks.

1. BobCAM in Assembly
BobCAM V7 for SolidWorks allows users to fully utilize SolidWorks' part and assembly files for part programming.

2. Fixtures for Simulation
This new feature in V7 gives the user a better visualization of their part setup in a simulation.

3. Advanced Feedrate Mapping
BobCAM V7 for SolidWorks provides optimized feedrates for more efficient programs.

4. Toolpath Editor
The toolpath editor provides user-customized toolpaths for better performance.

5. Advanced Pocketing Patterns
Users now have additional options for pocketing cycles to choose from in the new V7.

6. Drag Knife
Choose the drag Knife cutting strategy for cardboard, vinyl, leather, and other thin materials.

7. Trim Extend/Minimize Retract
BobCAM V7 for SolidWorks features enhanced user control to optimize cycle times.

8. Rotary Rough & Finish 4 Axis
Users that have 4 axis capabilities will experience easier and faster programming of complex 4 axis roughing & finishing operations.

9. Multiaxis Posting Enhancements
New multiaxis posting enhancements provide setup & operator friendly G-code output for 4 & 5 axis posting.

10. NC Editor
Our V7 Standard editor comes packed with more features that are easier to use.

About BobCAD-CAM

Since 1985, BobCAD-CAM has been dedicated to providing manufacturers just like you with powerful and easy to use CNC programming CAD-CAM software. Our purpose is helping you effectively automate the machining process. We offer CNC programming solutions for Mill, Mill Turn, Lathe, Router, Plasma, Laser, Waterjet, and Wire EDM machines. BobCAD-CAM integrates CAD and CAM functionality in a single interface for a seamless transition from the design process to toolpath programming, simulation, and g-code processing. This design makes it easier for you to go from concept to finished product in less time.